Sep 19th - Streaming To The Comfort Of Your Own Home!

Sep 19th, 4 pm (ET)

From: Dan Mangena

If you believe what you read; things look fairly bleak right now, and on a global scale! 

Major economies have passed the point of recession and are into depressions at this point. 

As we head into a recovery phase, we have no idea who will be left standing. Things have possibly never been this uncertain in living memory. 

How We React Is Determined By What We Know...Right?

Now you’ll have noticed that I said “if you believe...”. 

This is not meant to seem dismissive or some kind of wishy-washy statement. Our outer world is determined by our inner narratives. 

So if you believe that we’re all doomed, really believe it; then that’s the experience you will create. 

We’re seeing the fruits of that collective belief now...if you believe that.

We Need To Know:

  • What we need to be aware of are the stories we allow to propagate in our subconscious and start running the show!                                                                                          
  • We need to get clear on the experiences and outcomes in our life, that we want, and then start finding the narratives that support them.                                  
  • This could be as simple as keeping the right company or switching off the news.


My “Beyond Wealth Virtual Workshop” is all about creating a strong foundation for you, so that you can create the life that you want, free of obstructions. 

We also have a support network via our FaceBook group, our other coaches and experts.

 We’ve had some incredible breakthroughs and success stories already, but as with anything: you have to commit in order to see the benefits.

 In This 1- Day Virtual Workshop, You Will Learn:

  •  Accessing your Wealth Frequency
  • ​Dissolving ALL limiting beliefs around money
  • ​Money Manifesting techniques that WORK!
  • ​Learning to overcome anything to create unlimited wealth and abundance
  • Unlocking your soul-level wealth code
  • Identifying & accessing your wealth frequency
  • Dissolving all limiting beliefs around money, establishing a harmonious love relationship to money
  • ​Learning how to Timeline Jump
  • Wealth Blueprint equals to reality only if it goes through Flow Funnel
  • ​How to take Baby steps in the direction of a consciously chosen outcome with anchors

Who Is The “BEYOND WEALTH LIVE” Workshop Created For?

Ostensibly, this is for everyone. It doesn’t matter what financial life you are seeking to create for yourself, or even whether or not this is even about money for you! 

For clarity though (yours and mine) I break people’s financial levels down in to four categories:
  •  Scarcity
  •  Stability
  • Freedom
  • ​Abundance  

If you want to get clear and get serious about leveling up your finances, this is 100% for you.

The tools I will give you in this workshop can be applied by anyone, anywhere at any time. 

This is not an exclusive workshop, for the already rich & powerful. Don’t exclude yourself from being in the winners circle for any reasons. 

You are enough and abundance is your birthright! 

Now, you’re probably wondering…

“How Much Will It Cost To Have Me, Train You For 1 Day…?”

We Wanted To Do Something Special.

Normally if you were to attend any of our LIVE events, it is $1,000+ per person.

Then you have travel and accommodation costs on top.

But, since we’re going to be streaming it LIVE directly to you, wherever you are in the world…

And because I want you to THRIVE despite these trying times…

What If We Let You Attend… For FREE!?!

How does that work? Let me explain:

The workshop costs $197 to attend…

BUT… I want to make sure that you LOVE it, BEFORE you pay…

So, this is how it works.

You enter your credit card details to reserve your seat, but you won't be billed ANYTHING YET…

You Can Then Attend The Entire Workshop… For FREE…

And then AFTER the workshop, IF you LOVE IT, and IF it changes your life…

Then do NOTHING, and we’ll bill you the $197 AFTER it’s over.

If For Some Reason You Decide That The Workshop Isn’t For You -  On The Last Day, I’ll Give You A Special Email Address, That You Can Email And Let Me Know That You Didn’t Think It Was Worth The $197…

...we’ll cancel your order, and you will never pay anything.

Does that sound fair?

Cool! (That way, you only pay if you feel it was worth every penny!)

Yes! I’m Ready To IGNITE My Wealth!

*Guaranteed Or You Pay NOTHING!*

Would you pay $197 to learn the secrets to Reshape your thoughts, beliefs, blueprint & speed up your journey to Financial Abundance?

If you could grab and implement just a handful of principles from the workshop...would it be worth it?

I have spent decades educating myself, applying many techniques and learning the ‘hard way’,so that I can offer you a major short-cut!

During this priceless Beyond Wealth LIVE online Workshop, you'll get to spend 1 FULLY packed day with DAN MANGENA...


This Is How It Works...

Step #1 - Reserve Your Seat

The first step is to reserve your virtual seat to "BEYOND WEALTH!"

 Step #2 - Attend The Workshop

Next, attend the 1-Day online LIVE WORKSHOP and Reshape your beliefs,  wealth blueprint & speed up your journey to Financial Abundance

 Step #3 - Decide If It Was Worth It!

At the end of the 1-Day LIVE workshop, if you don’t feel transformed and armed with PRACTICAL knowledge that can push your finances forward, then just email us at our private email address (that we'll reveal at the end of the workshop), and you won't have to pay a penny!


But if like most people, you LOVE the experience then do NOTHING, and we'll bill you the $197 ticket price AFTER the workshop is over!

Does that sound MORE than fair!?! Cool, then reserve your seat NOW, by filling out the form below:

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